Sideboard: U-453 pink/also available in yellow/or just black and white
Design: Jiri Jiroutek
Produced: Nanovo
Country: Czech Republic
Period: 1958 design reissued in 2019
Dimensions: W110cm x D45 x H76
Condition: New release
Material: Made out of spruce solid wood with oak veneer in semi-mat varnish. Drawers are made out of beech solid wood.
Delivery estimate: 6-7 weeks
Price: €1395

Jiří Jiroutek was born in 1928 in Pardubice in former Czechoslovakia. After his military deployment during WOII, he started working for the newly established company Interiér Praha which became one of the largest Czechoslovakian furniture producers. In 1958 he designed the famous U-450 sideboard series that turned out to become one of the most sought after furniture pieces during two decades. When he met Ingvar Kamprad he was asked to come to Sweden to design for Ikea which he did for about four years after which he returned to Czechoslovakia to work with Interier Praha again. Today at age 91 he reissued his famous U-450 series in cooperation with Nanovo and the first exemplars are for sale with Vintage Designs.