Wall Unit
Design: Frantisek Jirak
Produced: Tatra Nabytok
Country: Czechoslovakia
Period: 1960 – 1969
Measurements: W190cm x D45cm x H183cm
Price: sold out

Stunning wall system designed by Frantisek Jirak for the legendary Slovakian Tatra Nabytok factory. Fully restored in its original beauty. One module is a blanket storage (Perinac) as all Czech’s would keep blankets and sheets at hand for unexpected guests. The other module is a bar cabinet to stow away your best bottles. And to find the best bottle at night, you just click on the little lamp underneath the partly hardboard and glass bottom plate. Maybe this provides¬†also an explanation for the unexpected guest part.

The bar module can be accessed from both sides, therefore this module can be used as a room divider. As the pictures show, the upper storage parts are interchangeable to adapt to your own desire.

Both units are also available separately.