Bookshelf Nisse Strinning

€445 €695
Design: Nisse Strinning
Producer: String Design AB
Country: Sweden
Period of time: 1950s
Dimensions: 52/74h x 238w x 20d
Material: Lacquered wood
Condition: Original
Amsterdam Free
Randstad €60
Rest of NL €95
Belgium €115

The Swedish architect and designer Nils - Nisse - Strinning is best known for his minimalist String Bookshelf System. The whole has been cleaned and is in its original condition, some planks have minor damage as can be seen in the photos.

This concerns 4 units that can be placed next to or above each other. All shelves can be hung according to your own wishes.

Dimensions: there are 10 shelves in total and they are 58 cm wide and 20 cm deep. The white laminated iron vertical racks have a height of 52 and 2 pieces of 74 cm.

Please note : if you want to see this item first, you can do so in the Atelier Amstelveen on the Dr. Schaepmanlaan 5 in Amstelveen, open on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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