Desk EU02 Cees Braakman

Designer: Cees Braakman
Producer: Apply
Fashion model: EU02
Country: The Netherlands
Period of time: 1960s
Dimensions: 73H x 89D x 180W
Material: Teak
Condition: Restored
Amsterdam Free
Randstad €60
Rest of NL €95
Belgium €115

Please note: this item is in the showroom in Amstelveen, Doctor Schaepmanlaan 5. The showroom is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

The desk, created from a Japanese inspiration and therefore part of the so-called Japanese series, is in perfect condition because all old layers of lacquer have been removed, giving the Teak wood life and depth again. The wood is treated with a durable hard wax oil that protects the desktop against dirt and liquids. All veneer damage has been repaired almost invisibly, so there is no damage or scratches left and it looks as if this desk has never been used.

The desk can be dismantled and delivery and installation is of course possible depending on the location.

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