Room Divider Ludvik Volak

Design: Ludvik Volak
Producer: Dřevopodnik Holešov
Country: Czech Republic
Period of time: 1960s
Dimensions: W90 x H245 x D16
Material: Bent beech wood and mahogany top layer
Condition: Restored

We have managed to find another beautiful work of art and return it to its original beauty.

Restored 1960s room divider that is back in optimal condition. Restored means that the construction has been checked and the whole has been sanded with steel wool and treated with a durable hard wax oil. This treatment virtually removes all traces of use and discoloration and brings the wood grain back to life.

The room divider (Room divider or Plant Wall) can be attached to the floor, wall or ceiling if desired. It is possible to attach the room TV to the ceiling or wall with 2 identical custom-made ceiling supports. The price includes delivery and installation (in the Netherlands) in your home in such a way that the whole is stable and sandwiched between floor and ceiling.

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