Set of 4 dining room chairs Oswald Haerdtl for Thonet

Design: Oswald Haerdtl
Producer: Thonet
Country: Czech Republic
Period of time: 1960s
Dimensions: 82h x 44w x 43d
Seat height: 45cm
Condition: Reupholstered
Material: Upholstered with beech wood legs

Amsterdam Free
Randstad €60
Rest of NL €95
Belgium €115

This set of 4 dining room chairs has been completely reupholstered including new filling and the legs have been sanded clean and provided with durable hard-wax oil.

Oswald Haerdtl 1899 - 1959, was an influential and successful designer-architect during the interwar and post-war period. He is best known for his modernist designs that contributed to the emergence of the Viennese Kaffeehaus culture. When Michael Thonet started producing in the 19th century, Vienna was still the capital of the Habsburg Empire and Czechoslovakia was part of that Empire. One of the first furniture factories was set up in Czechoslovakia because it has so many beech forests. That is why this Austrian design was produced in the Czech Republic. And the reupholstering has also taken place in Prague.

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